Spc Aluminum Frying Pan, 2.00 Liters, Silver

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        MA product made from 100% virgin alluminium 3.25 mm thickness Sheet(Anti- corrosion metal) which prevents food from getting burnt and facilitates fast cookingaterial: Aluminum; Color: Silver. Vo19 Cm Diameter gives flexibility in cooking and 2.00 Cm height helps in shallow frying and cooking vegitable moreover prevents spillage, Preserves Nutrition; Heats quickly & uniformly assuring proper cooking of food lume:2.00 Liters. DDouble rivited SS handles ensures firm grip and steady holding: Looks Sleek with its premium glossy polish over aluminium surface, Flat bottom providing an easy sit on table floor as well as the stove for heating purposeiameter: 23 cm; Weight: 0.75 Kg. LEasy to clean in a dishwasher ,Suitable for cooking food for :2-3 Person, Color : Silver, Material : Aluminium ist of Included Items: 1 Fry Pan. CPackage Contains : 1 Pcs 7.50 Liter Mirror/Polish Frying Pan(Proudly made in India)are Instructions: Handle with Care
        Now experience taste, high performance & health all in one place .The new & improved SPC cookwares are lead free & heavy base Aluminium cookware making cooking safe & our health better.SPC Aluminium Mirror / Polish Frying Pan are reliable & convenient for cooking food for any kitchen. SPC uses 100% lead free Aluminium Circle to make best quality cookware. Available in high utility size with 23cm Diameter & capacity of 2.00 Liters. Made with 3.25mm heavy bottom aluminium circle is gas stove compatibles is perfect for shallow frying, cooking vegitable, reheating food, moreover food heats quickly &uniformly assuring proper cooking of food. Double rivited ss handle ensures firm grip and steady holding. PVC coating helps preventing your hands from burning. Looks Sleek with its surface Flat Bottom providing an easy sit on table floor as well the stove for heating purpose . Capacity of 2.00 liter suitable for cooking food 5 and more Person
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        Brand Agromech
        Colour Silver
        Material Aluminium
        Type of Products Pan
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